Bridal Eye Makeup

Updated: Mar 27

While classic is a great way to go with your bridal eye makeup, experimenting is always a great idea, especially if you can pull it off and you have an MUA who can make it look apt and gorgeous. It's not always necessary to go down the gold/brown eye and red lip for brides, and you can even choose to go minimal or dramatic! Brides are doing it all over, so we thought of putting together some amazing bridal eye makeup looks we spotted which are perfect to take inspiration from. You can pick cues on how to do bridal eye makeup yourself or show these bridal makeup images to your MUA too. To keep it simple for you, we have categorised them into the following:


You can choose one depending on your skin tone and preference!

Minimal Eye Makeup

If drama is something you run away from, or are not too fond of makeup on yourself, or you simply want to look just like yourself at your wedding, then minimal bridal eye makeup is the way to go. And these days, that doesn't just mean looking like you haven't made an effort at all- it's more about looking like a better, more polished version of yourself. Eye makeup is the way to go, and here's some more inspiration on how to pull it off.

  • Matte nude eye makeup

  • Simple gold eye with winged liner

  • Barely-there eye shadow with heavy mascara

  • Light brown eye makeup and fluttery lashes

  • Kohl eyes with highlight inner corners


Soft Eye Makeup

If you don't like stark, dramatic eye makeup, then here are some looks for you which will really be up your alley. Whether you're gonna be the traditional red and gold bride or a new-age pastel one, there's something for every kind of bride in here.

  • Soft brown and gold eye makeup

  • Soft pinkish brown eye

  • Light pink eye makeup

  • Soft gold eye makeup

  • Soft silver/grey eye makeup


Dramatic Eye Makeup

If subtle and soft is not something that's your thing, and drama is what you love, then how about you go all dramatic with your bridal makeup look! Here are some brides who pulled that off to perfection in their own special way, and are great to take inspiration from. Save these bridal makeup images to show to your MUA or learn how to do bridal eye makeup yourself.

  • Kohl lined eyes with bold brows

  • Dark smokey, kohl lined eyes and bold brows

  • Winged liner with long lashes

  • Metallic eye with fluttery lashes

  • Kohl-lined eyes with winged liner

  • Contrasting dark eye makeup


Smokey Eye Makeup

Another way to do dramatic is through a smokey eye, and if you're thinking it's only the usual dark grey/black look, then you couldn't be more wrong! Smokey eye makeup looks range from subtler versions to dark and stark, and here are some brides who pulled that off to stand out in the crowd. Coloured smokey eyes are also a thing now, and looks fabulous.

  • Orange-brown smokey eye makeup

  • Silver-grey smokey eye

  • Glossy brown smokey eye

  • Black-dark grey smokey eye

  • Blue-black smokey eye


Shine Makeover

With this we come an end to this long list of bridal eye makeup looks! Phew.. wasn't that some major inspiration for you all?!

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